Thematic GALAXY is our premiere Windows personalization service providing high quality, premium themes, backgrounds, widgets, and much more to subscribers.

Our popular Signature themes may be downloaded for free or with a paid subscription allowing increased or unlimited daily downloads.

Thematic GALAXY is the only place to get professional, premium Windows enhancements and personalizations.

Price varies depending on subscription term and type. You can choose a Red Giant, Red Supergiant or Red Hypergiant membership.

All Thematic Market members (free or paid) can browse our entire collection of Signature themes and download them. We believe premium themes should be freely available to everyone. You are, however, limited on the number of themes you can download per day to 1. This limit can be raised by supporting our work and subscribing to a paid plan.

As a free, registered member you can also access the Community Showcase and download an unlimited amount of themes and other content submitted by our members and third-party sites and contributors.

Red Dwarf members (any member without a paid subscription) are entitled to 1 download a day and can only download Signature themes from the marketplace. However, there are no download limitations on Community Showcase products.

Red Giant subscribers can download up to 4 products a day from the market and get full market access to download any product they like from our library.

Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant subscribers get unlimited daily downloads with no restrictions.

New themes, widgets, backgrounds and more are added on a daily and weekly basis so there is always something new to discover and download!

Ful market access means you can choose to download products from any category in Thematic Market, including:

  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Backgrounds
  • App Skins
  • Icon Packs
  • STELLAR Wallpaper

Limited market access means you can only download products from Thematic Market's theme category. This includes Signature themes and does not include products in any other category.


Participate in monthly polls in which you vote for themes or ideas important to you and our team creates products based on the most popular submissions.

Each month at least one of our releases come from the popular votes of our subscribers.

All paying subscribers have the ability to vote for content.

Test new market features and services before they're released to the general public and take part in our beta program to try new products first.

Only Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant members get to download new Signature themes 30 days before they are available market-wide to everyone else. This also means they get to access themes right in time for movie, video game, and TV show releases.

Certain Signature themes may become available market-wide from launch, such as holiday themes.

Combined with 30-Day Early access, Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant get to access new Signature themes released in time with new movie, video game, and other entertainment releases. 

For example: New Stranger Things theme releasing in time for a new season or a new theme based on a moving coming out soon.

All paying subscribers of Thematic GALAXY get the following features available immediately:

  • Access to Galaxy's Edge portal to access member-only features and benefits
  • Access to Lightspeed Support to get one-on-one live support from our agents
  • Ability to download Astral Signature themes which are time-limited exclusive themes
  • Access to higher quality content and download options when downloading certain Signature content such as themes and wallpaper

Subscription & Billing

Yes. You may cancel your GALAXY membership at any time. Your subscription will end effectively at the end of whatever time is left unless renewed or extended before it expires.

You may cancel your membership at any time from your account area.

Due to Thematic GALAXY offering non-tangible, downloadable goods Thematic Market does not provide refunds for any unused time remaining on subscriptions unless in extreme circumstances determined after receiving product support from our team.

If you have any issues using the service or any products contact our support team for assistance. They are happy to help anywhere possible.

Your membership will begin immediately after successful payment is processed. Usually this is just a few minutes after payment has been processed and cleared by your bank.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the end of its term unless manually cancelled. You may also add more time before it expires to extend its term before it cancels from your account area.

You may upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. You may do so from the membership page, or by clicking here.

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