Advanced Windows themes
Exclusive Technology

QuantumPix EQ

Make your PC shine as bright as the stars with unparalleled visual quality from our desk to yours.

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Our themes were made in the highest quality. Don't settle for anything less than perfection.

Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant members can enjoy our themes in lossless quality, retaining the original details artists' envisioned and stunning enhancements made by AI.

No compromises
Did you know Windows automatically degrades images you set as wallpaper and turns them into low-res counterfeits? Your wallpapers actually lose 20% of their details and clarity as Windows saves a reduced quality copy of it to use instead.

To prevent this we do not use JPEG images, unlike most of the wallpapers and themes you'll find online, so our wallpapers are safe from Windows' hidden agenda. You can enjoy the most stunning wallpapers delivered with your themes with quality unchanged and unmatched from our desk to yours.
The Magic of Supersampling
Supersampling (also called downsampling) is something Windows does when you use a wallpaper that is a higher resolution than that of your monitor. For example, if you use a 4K wallpaper on a 1080p screen Windows will downsample it to fit your screen. This phenomenon can actually make wallpaper appear sharper, more vivid, and more detailed.

To this effect if you use a 1080p screen then upgrading to a Red Supergiant or Red Hypergiant membership will not only grant you access to all our themes in 4K, but using them will result in the best possible quality you can get.

From Inception to Delivery

We're passionate about what we do and are excited to share our love of theming with you to bring you an
out-of-this-world experience.

A suite of advanced image technologies.

QuantumPix EQ is just one of a few technologies we employ in our themes and creations.

QuantumPix AI
Unbelievable picture quality thanks to artificial intelligence.
QuantumPix AR
Themes with wallpaper tailored to fit your monitor perfectly.
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Top-tier feature
Only available on our Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant memberships.
Lossless quality
Uncompressed pixel-perfect images untouched by Windows for original quality.
4K Supersampling
Stunning 4K wallpapers that will make any monitor look amazing and crisp.