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Themes aren't made equally. They're biased towards certain widescreen users. We're changing that.

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One size doesn't fit all so we've made sizes for everyone.

Size really does matter when it comes to wallpaper. To prevent image distortion like cropping, stretching, and ugly black bars we've come up with a brilliant solution.

What is aspect ratio?
Usually movies look the same no matter what sized TV they're played on. This is because their aspect ratio, the ratio between the width to height of their screen, is the same- 16:9 and movies are usually shot in 16:9 format.

Movies shot outside the 16:9 format may either have their ends cropped off or display black bars on the screen. This is something we've come to accept when watching movies.
The Big Problem
Computer monitors come in a variety of aspect ratios such as 16:9. 23:9, or 32:9 which all display the same content very differently. Playing a movie on one may look underwhelming on another.

Nearly all themes are made for 16:9, but that doesn't mean your monitor is 16:9.

While we accept it on TVs, nobody wants a wallpaper that displays black bars so we opt instead to distort it to make it fit.
Our Solution
To accodomate everyone we create our themes in 5 popular aspect ratios. Your monitor's is most likely one of them.

If it isn't then choosing the ratio closest to yours gives you the best viewing experience.

Our helpful size chart will guide you into choosing the right one for you.
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A suite of advanced image technologies.

QuantumPix AR is just one of a few technologies we employe in our themes and creations.

QuantumPix AI
QuantumPix AR
QuantumPix EQ
Top-tier feature
Only available on our Red Supergiant and Red Hypergiant memberships.
A Perfect fit
Themes in 5 aspect ratios. Choose the right one for your screen for a perfect fit.
Experience More
See more and experience more with wallpaper that doesn't crop or stretch.