Become a Thematic Artist

Become a Thematic Artist

Reach thousands of themers while doing what you love

Become a Thematic Market Artist and promote your work with the largest online theming community. Take your passions to the next level on Thematic Market. When you become part of our inspiring, talented community of creatives, you can earn amazing perks doing what you love. As an artist, like us, you care deeply about the high quality of the art you share to our global audience.

What can you distribute?

Stellar artwork and wallpaper. We’re looking for amazing graphic artists that can provide legendary wallpaper through unique designs and unparalleed creativity.

We’re currently looking for artists that have amazing stories to share through captivating photos and artwork. In doing so your work will be featured in our Artist Submissions gallery for all Thematic Stellar members to enjoy. The more you publish the more perks you’ll earn, such as free memberships and even revenue sharing. Watch your name recognition and worldwide exposure grow in a community dedicated to high quality thematics and wallpaper for Windows.

Where to start

To get started visit our Submit Artwork page by clicking the button below. You’ll be able to review frequently asked questions and important guidelines for submission before you upload your artwork. Reponses usually take less than 48 hours and you’ll be able to see your work in the marketplace thereafter.

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